About us

Our company

Brionne is a Cooperative Company and Participant

The history of Brionne

Following a craft workshop founded in 1955 by Mr. Fernand Brionne today in a group consisting of three complementary businesses, Brionne company and its subsidiary are Kaoline specialized in the creation and manufacture of decorative hardware for the 'door equipment, the window pane and meuble.La ability to design and manufacture in-house complete ranges allows us to realize through the same line all the decoration of a building site.

Know-how for over half a century

Expertise and materials that are part of a sustainable quality process: we develop our products from environmentally friendly materials which can be recycled indefinitely and whose durability meets the contemporary needs.

A mixture of innovation and tradition

A traditional manufacturing that offers classic lines and Wrought Iron Solid Brass, lines St Romain foundry outputs Steel and Brass and contemporary lines to meet the needs of owners and differentiate through personalized decoration and original.

A manufacturing 100% French

The entire French production is guaranteed.

The quality of the materials we use ensures the consistency and appearance of our products.
Guarantees authenticity, finishes are made the traditional way.