• Cévennes
    Ligne classique
    Mélange d'authenticité et de modernité...
  • Andalousie
    Fabrication traditionnelle en Fer forgé
  • Sahara
    Le luxe en Laiton massif
    Formes modernes
  • Bouton
    Véritable Porcelaine de Limoges
The Made in France Hardware

The Made in France Hardware

We are specialized since more than 50 years in decoration hardware for doors, windows and furniture. Our traditionnal Know-How is based on industrial technologies wich guaranty a 100% french production.

A solidary and responsible company

As a Worker's Prodution Cooperative, our production team join its values and skills to guaranty a traditionnal production, with a morehuman way to undermake.

A lasting Quality   

Our production are made with materials respectful of the environment, wich can be recycled indefinitely. Working with massive iron and brass, our products are unique and authentic.

Our collections

  • Rivage

    Rivage Classic line

  • Béarn

    Béarn Classic line

  • Chemin de fer

    Chemin de fer Classic line

  • Amazone

    Amazone Classic line

  • Armorique

    Armorique Classic line

  • Sahara

    Sahara Classic line

  • Chinon

    Chinon Classic line

  • Rochefort

    Rochefort St-Romain line 

  • Tarascon

    Tarascon St Romain line

  • Neptune

    Neptune Classic line

  • Dallas

    Dallas Contemporary line

  • Denver

    Denver Contemporary line

  • Houston

    Houston Contemporary line

  • Dayton

    Dayton Contemporary line

Custom made production !

One of our speciality is the renovation of buildings (houses, monuments), for wich we can develop and manufacture custom made products to match the best for your restauration requirements and projects.

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